Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Country Life ~ Small Town - Here We Come

Leaving Missouri. Crossing the Jefferson Barracks Bridge over the Mississippi River.

No matter how old I get, when I cross this bridge I love to look down or up the river.
This muddy river is also where we said out wedding vows on The Robert E. Lee Riverboat in Kimmswick, one day I will share our love story.

We are officially Flatlanders.

Waterloo has a sister city in Germany ~ Porta Westfalica
And this Tuesday (the 2nd Tuesday of June every year) is the festival to celebrate this sisterhood. With German food, beer, bands and a parade. You can bet we will be there. Wanna come?

"Watch my corn pop up in rows"
This picture is taken from the highway. Over the fields do you see the structure? Well that structure is our new house! A far cry from the busy, noisy Interstate we have running past our house in Missouri.

WELCOME ~ Come On In

View from the front porch looking south during a thunder shower.

The dinner bell that I plan on using.
West field with the corn a growing.

Looking out from the front of the house toward the southeast.
I think we are going to enjoy these beautiful serene views.

The little red barn across the highway.
Soon the corn will be too tall to see it.
To enjoy it from the front porch we will be cutting down a row of cedar trees that is simply blocking too much of our beautiful view.

View of that little red barn again, at the end of our road next the hard road.

Well that's all folks, please come again real soon. We will sip lemonade on the front porch and watch the rain go by.

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