Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This horrible Midwestern weather just keeps taking.
117 lost souls ~ deadliest tornado in 60 years
Joplin, Missouri
We have so many things to be happy and grateful for.
I want to share with you things like bees and gardens
but the only thing we can think about is Joplin.
All the damage that a tornado can cause
is very disturbing, sad, and disheartening.
We all want to really do something, but do we?
We had no plans this Memorial Day Weekend
Joplin has changed that. This tornado has changed that.
We are collecting goods and heading down there to volunteer
and do whatever we can.
Oprah says we can ALL make a difference, no action is too small.
We have contacted friends, family, scouts, and 4Hers.
EVERYONE wants to do something.
So we are loading up one of the business box trucks and heading south.
It will be sad yet it will be love. We will see how things go.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing Bug

Got the bug! The sewing bug.
Working on a quilt for my mom for Christmas.
And a toss pillow to match.

Creating a cute little tomato apron.

Got this great bin to help organize my growing stash.

My patchwork oversized pillows for my bed.
Having fun now on those rainy days!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well, Well, Well ... Look Who It Is!!

It's ME!!
I am back.
I could blame my absence on my darned computer having problems
or just all the other things that I have found to do to fill my blogging time.
However, my computer's problems didn't last all that long and well
time has just slipped by.  But I have been busy. 
Over the next couple days I will share a little.
For instance since I have been gone ~ 
Spring has Sprung!

Spring Walk in the Woods

Morel Time

Dutchman's Breeches

Blake getting the mud hosed off after a spring walk

Planted 50 Blackberry Plants
and 25 Raspberry Plants

Blake, Fred and George

Josh and Tiny
Krackerz Kitty in the new greenhouse kit
Taters needed plantin'
15 lbs of organic starch goodness!!
Ethan Man

 Grandkids had eggs to find!!

Allie Girl

Maddie Bird

MY Tractor Man ~ I think his tractor is sexy!!
Air Josh

3/27/11 Snow Fall

. . . 

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Blog Vacation is Over!

Well, Hello.
I have missed you.
I missed stopping by.
And showing you pictures.
And telling you deep dark secrets.

Stay tuned. . . .

I will be back shortly.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

~ 1st Bloggiversary ~

Biggest Boy Birthday ~ Happy 20th to my young man!
Things started with ~ The List.

The I am almost 40 years old, Who Am I List.
The what are the things I want To Do With My Life List.

Things on the list included: slowwwwing down, raising chickens, raise bees again, grow food and garden, cook more, bake bread, learn how to really sew, hang clothes out on a line, maybe start my own business, make soap, in general just learn more, and of course in there was ~ write a blog.

I wanted to have a place to go and leave my images and thoughts for the day.
I never really planned it out, I didn't have a "mission statement", I just wanted to do it for me!
I knew that I didn't want it to become something that stressed me out, I didn't want to worry that I have not posted something in awhile, or what would people think.
It was for me, and about me and my new journey ~ about the simple things that make my life happy.

the newest chicks

somethings a buzz

a baker's dozen
the start of something
So, as I look back.  I can not believe for a moment that this journey has been a whole year already.  My life looks and feels so very different from that one year ago.  I am so very much living out all of those plans, thoughts, and dreams. Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek. Things around here will keep a changing.  After all, that is what life is all about.                    
pieces and parts to complete 2 beehives

big n' lil

Spent the day yesterday thinking about just what fabulous things I could share on here today, after all it is ~ Berry Good Life Farm Girl's 1 year anniversary.  And then my husband comes home and says we have to go look at something.  
Who would have thought it would me the cherry on top!

Saved the best for last ~ 
the old farm truck.
My honey got us the perfect old truck last night.  Aint she a beauty.  
1967 Chevy with original miles 78269. 
She has been in the same family for almost 40 years.  Just dreaming about driving her to the farmers market with the back full of fresh produce.  And our farm's name painted on her side. 
 This is a berry good life!

the ONLY option when new ~ an AM radio

old original wood floor bed

she has character

meet our 1962 Chevrolet 3/4 ton farm truck!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What February Means Around Here

made some pine cone fire starters
heart pancakes for my sweethearts on V day

February Is:

A Big Birthday month for me: Dad, Mom, 
Littlest Brother, Biggest Son + more

Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, and in the case of this year
Thank Heavens, I do not know how much longer I personally
could have continued inside this house!
I am an outdoorsy kinda gal, and the ice was not enough
of a draw to get me and keep me out there! 

chicken feets in the mud
the sun returned

This weekend dug out the "pond" aka black plastic oval shaped leaf catcher/frog headquarters/decorative thingy 
(left my previous homeowners)
My ohh my is back a aching.  
Lifted and moved 30+ stones, shoveled over a
wheelbarrow of decorative rocks. 
But it is looking good!!

my car mechanic bro adds welder to his talents

Him and his friend spent the majority of the day welding the boys go-cart back together.
Woo-Hoo will they be happy when they get home!

  • Ordered new bee hives ~ arriving soon!
  • Pre-ordered the taters for spring planting
  • Reserved pavilion for Alyssa's Wedding in late August
  • Planning the veggie garden and landscaping
  • Started aerobic workout "stomp down the mole hills"

Hope you are having an exciting February too!!
~ assortment of our 13 new chicks ~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who Dun It??

Meet Baby Face Buttafucco 

And Brett Wurst

Movie Star Cecily Sicily and Eddy "The Tongue" Corneoli
 We didn't do it! 
Bullets in the Bathtub was a comedic murder mystery dinner we attended last night at our local German Restaurant.  This 4H fundraiser was our family's Valentine treat ~ 1920's mobsters and flappers we were last night.  We had a great time!  Not sure if we had more fun planning and preparing or the event itself.  Our boys were the only youngsters there and they loved it.  I can't share with you who dun it, but I can tell you none of us dun it!

Don't mess with my guys!


We had a blast and hope you enjoyed a sneak peak!
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  xoxoxo