Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Season

josh bundled right up and headed out into the blustery morn

  We are experiencing yet another season here in the country.  We have been here since June, and it still doesn't completely feel real to us.  
  I heard that you must experience each season first hand to really "feel" like you belong.  To know what it looks like covered in snow, or in the first fresh flush of green in the spring, and to see those deep colors of fall.  
  We know one thing.  We like it white.  And we love it here.  Can't wait to see all the seasons and see if feels completely like home then.

it's been 10 minutes in the crazy wind and i am cold, can i come in?

We (I) had a nice visit from my sister-in-law Denise.
She came over Saturday morning and we sewed and crafted Christmas gifts while the guys were gone.    Then we went to town for lunch and a quick peek in "my" local quilt fabric shop.  And back to the house for more sewing and a nice margarita.
She stayed the night, and the snow and cold blew in.
I was so busy playing that I forgot to take any pics of her (and her freshly knitted hat).

krackerz wanted out, and then didn't know what to think ~ his 1st snow
i think he was outside for all of 4 minutes
 Winter Wonderland

a few snowflakes blew into the coop
and landed on our lonely egg

whiskers checking out the snow from the safety
and warmth of momma's room
What to do on a blustery winter day?
Go bowling, of course.
When I told Blake we were going to town and going bowling, he said
"In this weather, that is what you guys thought we should do? Really?"
And of course that is just what we did.

blake the nervous he isn't perfect at this game
competitive in everything bowler
jeff the pro-bowler
gets frustrated when he get a spare
(and then takes the last pin down ~ every time!)

momma the happy to be with the family
what a fun, relaxing, enjoyable day, horrible at bowling,
who doesn't want any pro-bowler advice from the hubby,
just let her throw the ball and she is happy bowler
josh the animated, hop around, can't sit down, is it my turn yet bowler
It was a wonderful weekend here.
Enjoyed some crafting and catching up with family,
 warmth from the wood stove, 
good food & drink, 
and good memories created with my family. 
All set in our beautiful surroundings.
Life is good here, hope it is wherever you are!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Autumn turning into Winter

~ Love Birds ~ 38 years
 Their relationship has been a guide to me.
Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Dale
here's to 38 more!

the decked out coop

Jeff & Tyler
Thanksgiving 2010

Pat  & Jo Anne


Jo Anne's fall decor
honey surprised me with flowers, cake and an operating garage door
it is wonderful ~ no frost to scrape, no wind, rain or snow to tackle
my life is good

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Some Happenings Going On Round Here

Fall has had us hopping. Some fun, some not so much.  
 Josh had 4 teeth pulled, making room for those braces this month.
School activities, 4H getting started, tearing out to start remodeling the basement
and some more goodies.  Check out the pictures, they tell a better story.
My Birthday Man ~ 11/11/62
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
beautiful foggy fall morning
Meet ~ The Crowder's ~ Mom & Tom ~ Bailey & Missy
in front of their antique & gift shop before the big fall sale
sadly this picture was taken about 15 min before a truck ran over and killed Missy
they rescued her around 12 years ago
 ~ a tragic accident that has more hearts hurting from the loss of a beloved pet
My Great White Hunters
Deer Season 2010
they had fun ~ I missed them
My honey and his first deer ~
3 days after his 48th birthday

Fall Mornin'

this is only a snippet of the birds we have had flying over and hangin in the fields

gorgeous fall sunsets

My little/big bro Tyler loves to be a shooting
one gorgeous Saturday he came over and the guys played

shooting clay pigeons in the backyard

  Lau Nae Winery ~ Red Bud, IL
we almost got locked in here
they forgot to check, found us 10 minutes after closing
we went to two local wineries with Jeff's nephew and girlfriend
it was a nice relaxing afternoon
this winery has great martinis!
 . . . CHOCOLATE MARTINI . . . yummmy!

finished my quilt class, my quilt top is done,
now to find the time to hand quilt it
been sew ~ sew busy sewing
these bags to put in Maw's shop
Miss Alyssa expecting Miss Aubrey in January
she had a great baby shower this weekend ~
lots of goodies for her first little one and our 4th grandchild

the morning the guys left to go hunting, it was foggy on both sides of us ~ we are on just enough of a ridge that we were clear, it was very mystical
beautiful fall sunrises
Cap't Smith from the Titanic ~ aka Blake in his play at school
6th grade ~ Great Job!
Josh is his fall choir concert ~ 6th grade
Great Job!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Tribute To Our Allie Girl

our family is very sad and we are missing her
our beautiful loving baby dog was hit by a car saturday the 30th of october
she had to be given a shot by the vet to go peacefully and stop feeling the pain
when her pain stopped ~ ours truly began
she was more than a dog
she was a member of our family
we all miss her near us
miss touching her
playing with her
and hearing her
she was an abandoned unloved dog when we found her labor day weekend 2005
she was still a bit of a pup ~ close to one yr old
we were not keeping her
but our family fell, and we fell hard
she was so sweet and so loving
she wasn't too big or too small
she still liked to chew up stuff
she stole our hearts and we stole hers
after the accident
as a family we decided to bring her home
dig a hole, and loving wrap our girl in her favorite blanket
so now she is always near us in our back yard at the edge of the woods
near her chickens, momma working in the garden, and her boys playing
she was more than our dog, and we were lucky enough to know it
and so was she.

please enjoy a few pictures of our love.
she loved "her chicks" ~ she checked on them all of the time, never bothered them once even after they were grown
she found the muckiest of muck the first day in the country ~ twice!
after her bath and all dry, she ran off and came back like this!
when we first moved here she was a little confused, and wouldn't get 2 ft away
so we wouldn't leave her alone
our lil digger ~ she was determined to get her momma a mole
look at her cute crinkly face
she always smiled for the camera
she was spoiled rotten ~ she loved laying on
our bed, especially during laundry time.
she had always been an inside dog,
who when she went out was on a leash.
all of that changed when we moved
it made her very happy once we could trust her
enough to do a little roaming
did you hear something? 
Heaven ~ the country for her was her heaven
 you can see the sweetness in her eyes
our sweet baby dog
she loved * loved * loved the snow
and rough housing with daddy
she loved camping with her family
on this morning she had spent the night with blake in his tent
labor day camp out 2010 ~ 5 yrs with her family
her favorite thing when we first moved here were the cows at the
end of the road when we said "where are the cows" she was excited
waiting on the bus for her boys
the jingle of my keys meant she was going
for a ride ~ the bus stop, the bank for treats, she didn't care
she was always ready
she was everywhere we were
and it is gonna take some time
because everywhere is where she is missed the most