Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Winter Storm ~ headed our way!

my lumberjack plans on keeping us warm

We are prepared for this humongous storm headed our way.
Our area to expect 1/2 - 1" ice
with up to 2 feet of snow
and then heavy winds.
Fun, Fun, Fun.

getting icy on the grill that we
enjoyed porterhouse steaks on last night
it is getting icy ~ how icy will it get?
 Realized that with my brief hiatus from blogging, I have not had a chance to introduce our newest addition.
Aubrey  ~ our granddaughter was born on 1/13/11
Isn't she precious ~

Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Blues ~ aka PITY PARTY

My seed order is here! But the ground is snow covered!
Have a beekeeping meeting coming up ~ to help refresh and motivate me
 have yet to order the beehives (that will need assembled)!
Ready for more sunshine! Ready for springtime! (I think)
Tired of WANTING to be lazy!
And BEING lazy!
No drive, no ambition!
Is it ~ Lack of exercise?  ~  Lack of sunshine?  ~  Stress?  ~  Diet?
My first relaxing winter: I am not running around constantly,
no more out of the house job, 
no more scouts sucking my every breath,
now located in beautiful surroundings, room to roam and create. 
Yet my desire and drive is missing.
I think it might be the winter blues.
Feeling guilty for my feelings, not sure what to do to change it all up.
Think of self as a "cup half full" person.
Afraid that once spring arrives, I will have wished I did more creating!
I do not feel depressed.  Just a really long blahhh.

Have had no real desire to read my uplifting, inspiring blogs until I forced myself today.
WOW! Organizing seeds, garden planning, sewing, knitting, cooking . .
. . . . all that I am about ~ you all are sharing!
Sooo, I thought I would post a quick seed picture and "fake it" til I am ready to make it again.
Changed up the blog to feel more inspiring (not thinking it is so much)
And it has turned into a pity party.
This is like showing my sink full of dirty dishes on this blog.
But I am real, and I choose real over fake any day.
So I shall overcome this, and then be back in the swing soon.
Because I do have wonderful things to share ~ just maybe not in the happiest frame of mind to do so.
I will work on my list. 
I will work on me.
Hugs, Jill

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ranch Living

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Snow Covered Ranch

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Christmas Time

Christmas with Our Guys
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Christmas Time

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Christmas with the Girls and their families


snow covered

our small town 

keeping warm 

cardinal refuge

Relaxing, warm, family time~
 Hope you and your family made wonderful memories this holiday season.  We did, and we are still not done.

Up until this point all of my pictures are raw and untampered with.  I am determined to figure out how to get my "altered" or "improved" pictures uploaded from picasa soon. 

Coming up next: The Colorado Ranch, Christmas Time
and those darned resolutions . . .