Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where am I??

Something weird has happened
Last night I thought I was in Illinois watching the sun set with my honey,
rocking in his new hammock.
But this morning when I awoke and went outside ~ I was in Colorado.
The temps were under 70 degrees, with very low humidity.

Hey, if I am in Colorado ~ then where are the mountains??

Turns out, I am still in the Midwest.
I guess just a little sign that it is nearly fall ya'll!

Josh wants a bunny
He got this idea from 4H. He wanted fainting goats, but we have convinced
him that he should start a little smaller, so bunnies it is.
Him and Dad worked all day Sunday creating this grand little hutch.
It will have bead board panels that will be screwed onto each side
when the weather gets chilly, and a nice removable roof,
so we can move Mr. Bunny and his house closer to the garden in spring.
He has saved up enough money now to buy the bunny and get food.
Bunny pics I am sure will soon come.

This young guy was wandering the lane the other evening,
Allie our dog was the one to let me know. Things are quiet here,
so something is always up if she goes a lil crazy.

Things coming up on the farm:
Apple picking
Barn tearing down
New birthday camera (BEWARE: LOTS OF NEW PHOTOS!!)
Coop building
Bunny adventures
Camping out

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