Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Some Happenings Going On Round Here

Fall has had us hopping. Some fun, some not so much.  
 Josh had 4 teeth pulled, making room for those braces this month.
School activities, 4H getting started, tearing out to start remodeling the basement
and some more goodies.  Check out the pictures, they tell a better story.
My Birthday Man ~ 11/11/62
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
beautiful foggy fall morning
Meet ~ The Crowder's ~ Mom & Tom ~ Bailey & Missy
in front of their antique & gift shop before the big fall sale
sadly this picture was taken about 15 min before a truck ran over and killed Missy
they rescued her around 12 years ago
 ~ a tragic accident that has more hearts hurting from the loss of a beloved pet
My Great White Hunters
Deer Season 2010
they had fun ~ I missed them
My honey and his first deer ~
3 days after his 48th birthday

Fall Mornin'

this is only a snippet of the birds we have had flying over and hangin in the fields

gorgeous fall sunsets

My little/big bro Tyler loves to be a shooting
one gorgeous Saturday he came over and the guys played

shooting clay pigeons in the backyard

  Lau Nae Winery ~ Red Bud, IL
we almost got locked in here
they forgot to check, found us 10 minutes after closing
we went to two local wineries with Jeff's nephew and girlfriend
it was a nice relaxing afternoon
this winery has great martinis!
 . . . CHOCOLATE MARTINI . . . yummmy!

finished my quilt class, my quilt top is done,
now to find the time to hand quilt it
been sew ~ sew busy sewing
these bags to put in Maw's shop
Miss Alyssa expecting Miss Aubrey in January
she had a great baby shower this weekend ~
lots of goodies for her first little one and our 4th grandchild

the morning the guys left to go hunting, it was foggy on both sides of us ~ we are on just enough of a ridge that we were clear, it was very mystical
beautiful fall sunrises
Cap't Smith from the Titanic ~ aka Blake in his play at school
6th grade ~ Great Job!
Josh is his fall choir concert ~ 6th grade
Great Job!


Erin said...

Beautiful photos, as usual! Sorry to hear about Missy, but it is yet another rescued pet that no doubt had a wonderful life for as long as it lasted, my thoughts are with them, seems like a bad month everywhere for this stuff.

All those bags! Wow you have been busy, and they are really pretty!

Mama Pea said...

You are one good photographer! How in the world do you manage to get so much done? Plus all that sewing? Do you sleep? I'm not working outside the home, am an empty-nester (for many years now), have a loving, supportive, helpful husband but must not have as many hours in the day as you do! ;o)

Jill said...

Thanks Ladies about my photos. I have always loved taking pictures and I am a visual learner. So when I started reading blogs I was drawn to those with pictures.

And it may look like I am doing a bunch of stuff, but not all that I want to do. Like you two gals, I really want to garden, always have. This coming spring will the first time in over ten years that I really can again.

And my house is NOT clean, is passable. That is why I have time. Just not on top of my list anymore.

You two inspire me, I love all that you do and write about. Please don't stop :)