Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Season

josh bundled right up and headed out into the blustery morn

  We are experiencing yet another season here in the country.  We have been here since June, and it still doesn't completely feel real to us.  
  I heard that you must experience each season first hand to really "feel" like you belong.  To know what it looks like covered in snow, or in the first fresh flush of green in the spring, and to see those deep colors of fall.  
  We know one thing.  We like it white.  And we love it here.  Can't wait to see all the seasons and see if feels completely like home then.

it's been 10 minutes in the crazy wind and i am cold, can i come in?

We (I) had a nice visit from my sister-in-law Denise.
She came over Saturday morning and we sewed and crafted Christmas gifts while the guys were gone.    Then we went to town for lunch and a quick peek in "my" local quilt fabric shop.  And back to the house for more sewing and a nice margarita.
She stayed the night, and the snow and cold blew in.
I was so busy playing that I forgot to take any pics of her (and her freshly knitted hat).

krackerz wanted out, and then didn't know what to think ~ his 1st snow
i think he was outside for all of 4 minutes
 Winter Wonderland

a few snowflakes blew into the coop
and landed on our lonely egg

whiskers checking out the snow from the safety
and warmth of momma's room
What to do on a blustery winter day?
Go bowling, of course.
When I told Blake we were going to town and going bowling, he said
"In this weather, that is what you guys thought we should do? Really?"
And of course that is just what we did.

blake the nervous he isn't perfect at this game
competitive in everything bowler
jeff the pro-bowler
gets frustrated when he get a spare
(and then takes the last pin down ~ every time!)

momma the happy to be with the family
what a fun, relaxing, enjoyable day, horrible at bowling,
who doesn't want any pro-bowler advice from the hubby,
just let her throw the ball and she is happy bowler
josh the animated, hop around, can't sit down, is it my turn yet bowler
It was a wonderful weekend here.
Enjoyed some crafting and catching up with family,
 warmth from the wood stove, 
good food & drink, 
and good memories created with my family. 
All set in our beautiful surroundings.
Life is good here, hope it is wherever you are!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

This time, the picture of your cat wins! That is awesome! Glad you enjoyed the snow...and wind. Howling, circling, frigid wind!!

Erin said...

You did a great job of catching that windy kind of snowy cold in a photo! Personally, I love the quality of indoor light you get when there is a good snow cover outside - it's one of those things I always forget about until it happens again!

Jill said...

Thanks! I love that picture too, need to enlarge it for my son (his cat)
Erin it was just super windy and snowy, stuck my camera out the car window while snow blew in on everyone and snapped.
And I was thinking the exact thing this morning, wow, do not need to turn on lights, so bright in here!

Mama Pea said...

Omigosh, you really captured the feeling of the howling wind and snow! You've got some worthy of being framed there.

What fun that you went bowling. Wonder how many years it's been since we did that?