Sunday, February 20, 2011

What February Means Around Here

made some pine cone fire starters
heart pancakes for my sweethearts on V day

February Is:

A Big Birthday month for me: Dad, Mom, 
Littlest Brother, Biggest Son + more

Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, and in the case of this year
Thank Heavens, I do not know how much longer I personally
could have continued inside this house!
I am an outdoorsy kinda gal, and the ice was not enough
of a draw to get me and keep me out there! 

chicken feets in the mud
the sun returned

This weekend dug out the "pond" aka black plastic oval shaped leaf catcher/frog headquarters/decorative thingy 
(left my previous homeowners)
My ohh my is back a aching.  
Lifted and moved 30+ stones, shoveled over a
wheelbarrow of decorative rocks. 
But it is looking good!!

my car mechanic bro adds welder to his talents

Him and his friend spent the majority of the day welding the boys go-cart back together.
Woo-Hoo will they be happy when they get home!

  • Ordered new bee hives ~ arriving soon!
  • Pre-ordered the taters for spring planting
  • Reserved pavilion for Alyssa's Wedding in late August
  • Planning the veggie garden and landscaping
  • Started aerobic workout "stomp down the mole hills"

Hope you are having an exciting February too!!
~ assortment of our 13 new chicks ~


Erin said...

welding go carts! My hubby would be so jealous, he's been trying to convince me that we NEED a welder LOL

Mama Pea said...

Doesn't sound to me like you are suffering from any winter doldrums! Sounds like you have energy galore. Go, Jill, go!

Jill said...

Funny how the guys "needs" are so much more expensive than our lil ole "needs" are.
And I am feeling much much much better!
Energy levels are on the increase.
Thanks for hanging in there with me you two!
Cheers for Spring ~