Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring = Chicks & Gardens

We have 7 baby chicks living in our house now! Born Monday, shipped Tuesday, and hand picked by me at the feed store on Thursday. They seem very happy in their new warm ~ fresh water ~ fresh food ~ elbow room ~ calm and loving new home! And they are already starting to get feathers!

My husband came home, looked over at the table where I have the chicks set up and just shook his head and started laughing at me. You see we live in a town, within city limits. Yes, I checked and No, I am not supposed to have chickens. But I feel this is absurd! In this day and time if a family wants to have fresh organic eggs to feed their family ~ then they should!
So shhh, what they don't know won't hurt them. Meanwhile we are becoming an Urban Mini Farm!

Allie our dog is super curious and maybe a little jealous!

She would LOVE her some mini chicken wings!

My lettuce and spinach popping up in my little garden.

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