Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Blues ~ aka PITY PARTY

My seed order is here! But the ground is snow covered!
Have a beekeeping meeting coming up ~ to help refresh and motivate me
 have yet to order the beehives (that will need assembled)!
Ready for more sunshine! Ready for springtime! (I think)
Tired of WANTING to be lazy!
And BEING lazy!
No drive, no ambition!
Is it ~ Lack of exercise?  ~  Lack of sunshine?  ~  Stress?  ~  Diet?
My first relaxing winter: I am not running around constantly,
no more out of the house job, 
no more scouts sucking my every breath,
now located in beautiful surroundings, room to roam and create. 
Yet my desire and drive is missing.
I think it might be the winter blues.
Feeling guilty for my feelings, not sure what to do to change it all up.
Think of self as a "cup half full" person.
Afraid that once spring arrives, I will have wished I did more creating!
I do not feel depressed.  Just a really long blahhh.

Have had no real desire to read my uplifting, inspiring blogs until I forced myself today.
WOW! Organizing seeds, garden planning, sewing, knitting, cooking . .
. . . . all that I am about ~ you all are sharing!
Sooo, I thought I would post a quick seed picture and "fake it" til I am ready to make it again.
Changed up the blog to feel more inspiring (not thinking it is so much)
And it has turned into a pity party.
This is like showing my sink full of dirty dishes on this blog.
But I am real, and I choose real over fake any day.
So I shall overcome this, and then be back in the swing soon.
Because I do have wonderful things to share ~ just maybe not in the happiest frame of mind to do so.
I will work on my list. 
I will work on me.
Hugs, Jill


Erin said...

Love the new blog style! The Baker Creek packets jumped right out at me, mine aren't here yet :)

I know what you mean about winter, we took the season off from swimming for the boys I couldn't stand the thought running around til way after dark during a season nature designed for enjoying the home and all it offers: cooking, hand crafts, reading... enjoy the rest of winter because we'll be outside all the time and canning til after dark before you know it!

Mama Pea said...

Good to hear from you again, Jill!

I must be taking too many vitamins. I always say I'd like to be lazy but who has time?? I'm so enjoying this winter "down" time and am getting panicky about how fast it's going. Doin' some real, good cookin', restocking the freezer for busier times, finally getting into the quilting studio, cleaning and organizing in the house which NEVER gets done in the summer, reading in front of the fire at night (well, until my eyes close and hubby gives me a poke and says "go to bed", restocking, regrouping, recreational snowshoeing and, oh yeah, shoveling snow.

Just blog about your day to day doings. They may seem dull and bland to you but they're interesting and informative to the rest of us.

Jill said...

Thanks Gals,
Just reread that entry and ouch!
Feel so much better now.
Not sure what all was up.
Creating and cooking again!

Erin, I love your new do!!
Your site is vivid, cheery and just plain great! I think during this storm I just may give that knitting a try again!

Mama Pea, I know that this time is passing fast, and this summer I will realize it. I have had some extra family stress and thought I could handle some things better.
Started reading your book and am enjoying it. Figure I will wait until I have been posting more before I offer a book to the two of you ;)
Thanks for hanging with me!!