Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Winter Storm ~ headed our way!

my lumberjack plans on keeping us warm

We are prepared for this humongous storm headed our way.
Our area to expect 1/2 - 1" ice
with up to 2 feet of snow
and then heavy winds.
Fun, Fun, Fun.

getting icy on the grill that we
enjoyed porterhouse steaks on last night
it is getting icy ~ how icy will it get?
 Realized that with my brief hiatus from blogging, I have not had a chance to introduce our newest addition.
Aubrey  ~ our granddaughter was born on 1/13/11
Isn't she precious ~


Erin said...

Oh my, happy birthday Aubrey! She's beautiful - is this your first granddaughter? I keep seeing your part of the country on the news and want to grab an extra blanket! Stay safe and warm and off the roads and enjoy the new bundle of winter joy!

Mama Pea said...

Oh my goodness, Aubrey is a beautiful baby! Congratulations to you and her parents.

Stay safe during your expected storm. Snuggle in and enjoy it!

Jill said...

We survived the storm
(not so bad here)!
Aubrey is our 4th grandchild.
Ethan 5, Allie 3, and Maddie 1.
These are from my stepgirls.
To be 40 and have 4 WOW!
My boys are 12 and 20. And my 20 yr old PROMISES me he doesn't want any yet, for me not to worry.
Stay Warm!! Thanks for checking on me :)