Thursday, February 3, 2011

Iced In * In Illinois

Well, for some of us ~ this blizzard never actually transpired.
And I believe that is probably something to be grateful for.
What we did get was a nice layer of ice, covered with 2" of sleet, 
and then around 1" of snow on top (left to blow across this icy tundra).
Soooo. . . . . some of us are iced in!! 
My husband however, is not.  He couldn't handle being stuck here another day.
My husband left no tracks, he slowly slipped down the road 
and headed to work and took Josh with him.
I do not think I could safely pull my van out of the garage, 
make the sharp turn in our driveway on ice and travel the 1/2 mile 
on our lane that is a complete layer of ice.

And the problem is ~ that the weather shows no sign of a warm up.
Will I have to wait for spring to go anywhere??

Well at least it is pretty, we have plenty of firewood, and food.
Wherever you are I hope you are warm and your belly is full!
glass grass
 basking in the glow of their red heat lamp
coop 'cicles


chicken wire


whisker's whiskers
my driveway's sharp turn ~ this is the icy layer BEFORE 2" of  frozen sleet!

this morning the sun broke through
beautiful layers of frozen land and light


DO NOT STAND under this corner of the house!
frozen corn stalks

the pine tree has turned to glass


Mama Pea said...

I learned to hate ice in the winter growing up in Illinois! So I can relate to your environment as it is right now. But I do have to say that it can be beautiful. My golly gosh, you took some gorgeous pictures there! Outstanding!!

Erin said...

I hate ice! We were trapped by it for several days one time and it was the worst - not even much snow but the temps just wouldn't melt it. Beautiful photos of the aftermath though!

Jill said...

Thanks Gals!! Keep Sewing!!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

We went to see my Dad today (Tolono) and then went to Arthur. I was amazed at the ice you guys got! Everything was beautiful but treacherous! Skating rinks galore!

Up here, all snow! lots and lots

Stay safe!