Wednesday, September 15, 2010

come for a walk with me

a fresh new morning sun is peeking through the fog
please join me on a walk this morning

spiderwebs are visibly everywhere with the help of dew

kitty in the window
heading down the lane
one lonely stalk left standing
chicory along the fence

web in a weed top
first colored fallen leaf of the season
cut cornstalks
burst of yellow

weathered tin for the coop
dead queen annes lace
our field
short missed corn
dew on grass and web
remnants of summer
country still life

thanks for walking with me.
goldenrod is a sign of the summer nearing its ende.
this is of course only a snapshot of the 136 shots taken this morning.
but I can say with some certainty that this is by far the best time of the year for me
the anticipation for autumn
is always very exciting.
and be sure that the next morning I awake
to fog, I will be ready to take another walk
hopefully next time the kids won't miss the bus.
hope your day is going beautifully!

Much Love,


Erin said...

all gorgeous photos - I especially like the "cut corn" and the rusting tin for the coop!

mangocheeks said...

This wannable farmgirl enjoyed witalkign with you. Lovely photographs, I especially loved those of the cobwebs. Thank you so much for sharing. Ihope sincerely you do become a Farmgirl for real. Kind wishes

Flat Creek Farm said...

Jill, I so enjoyed your walk photos. Beautiful!! You have captured this gorgeous season ("almost Fall" :)) just beautifully. Thanks also for the recommendation on the appliance brand. That is VERY helpful!! Have a wonderful day and weekend. -Tammy

Jill said...

Thanks ladies.
I woke up with a terrible head cold but once I saw the fog, I couldn't stop snapping. A girl with a new camera just can't help herself.
Have a super weekend. I have my baby turning 12. I am sure I will have pics to share.
xoxo ~Jill