Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is my room
This is my window with my beautiful view
This is my computer ~ my portal to the world
Those are my pretty "oregano spice" green walls
This is my new sewing machine that I will learn to quilt on
This is my harvest table turned craft table
It is covered with the quilt that my Grandmother made me
This is my space, it makes me so happy to be here
I can dream, create, & plan
This is my room.
My mom passed on her and my Grandmother's sewing goodies recently because
I have signed up for a quilting 101 class, starting next week in our town
This sampler was found amongst my Grandmother's things
I am so happy, it is beautiful
I found a treasure.

Needlework  is something my grandmother taught me
This is something I can hold in my hands
Something I can complete
Something she held in her hands
Something she started
She is smiling right now
And so is her granddaughter.

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Flat Creek Farm said...

What a lovely post, and a sweet sampler to cherish. You will have fun creating new memories with your newly acquired quilting skills. Have fun! -Tammy