Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Goings On Round Here

Brown Cornstalks
Means Autumn is right around the corner.
My Birthday Camera

I have a new camera.
It is for my big Four O.
It is just like my papa's.
And it doesn't leave  ghosts.

An early gift it was.
And for this gal who loves to snap.
Beauty is everywhere.
Is my rhyme making you want a nap?

I love it!
Thanks Guys! ~ Enjoy the show!
~ My Daddy ~

We enjoyed our beautiful fall preview weather over the holiday weekend.  Dad came over here to the farm to enjoy camping with us in the backyard.
RV style for him, tents and hard ground for us.
He brought Brooke, however the fact that she IS a bird dog and thought my chickens were possibly birds she should catch was a little much.  So she got to go home with her momma after the big camp dinner with some ribs and fixings that Dad and Blake qued up for us.

We had some extra fun when Denise and her grandgirls came to hang with us country people.
No pics, silly me.  Next time!
There will be a big fall camp, wienie roasting bonfire, 4 wheel riding Good Time!
The youngest men in my life ~
 enjoying their last day of summer freedom, while Jeff and I (mainly Jeff) unloaded the truck with the remainder of the barn we tore down on Saturday ~ the boys got to play.  They were just trying to keep their minds off of what the next day had to bring them. 
My Honey & Whiskers ~ Relaxing!!
When it is gorgeous outside, we always wished we had a hammock to relax in.  So for an early birthday present, I ordered a nice large white cotton hammock.
It is cotton and it is large, white however, it is not.
The boys loved the colors and Jeff is not picky.
But I must say, that hippie hammock sure is comfy!
The front of the barn, before it was completely torn down and loaded up on Saturday

Tuesday Sept 7th
First Day of Jr. High
 New School
New Town
Guess What?
They Survived!

Much Love to Ya, Jill

1 comment:

Erin said...

Hippie Hammock, love it! I have one too and when I put it up my husband said all the colors made him dizzy, but he shut up when he noticed how comfy it was! That's funny about the dog being ousted from all the fun because of the chickens - I have one dog who is half Australian Shepherd, half Jack Russell terrier, talk about conflicting personalities, half herder, half killer :)

Glad the boys had a good first day of school!