Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Country Auction

Saturday was a gorgeous fall day spent with my honey at a local farm auction
 where we enjoyed the whole day together.
 And although at first glance we saw a lot of junk, there
are always those little things that if the price is right,
you may be willing to take it home with you.
Now I have been to many a auction, but this one had the most food
choices including in the morning fresh homemade pies and cakes.
The gooey butter was delish.  And when we got our lunch
I was able to put homemade pickles on my cheeseburger, we aren't in Jefferson County, MO anymore.

this building was sold for 3 bucks, somebody will be tearing it down for the barn wood
quilts, blankets & afghans
quilt on the line, i loved this one but sold for over 50
check out this old barn ~ this farm is over 3 generations

cool cart ~ didn't get to bid on
this auction had enough stuff that they had
two rings going, so it was hard to keep up at times
building was sold too, and this neat old
dry sink sold for over 200 buckaroos
(not neat enough for me)
at these old farmsteads you get to see neat things
on the property ~ like this long tunnel of grapevines
be careful at country auctions ~ you may come home with a load of goodies
had i rode in the back of the truck with all of this good stuff
the clampett's we would be called!
some goodies for us and some resell
ooh you can see the progress on the coop in the background
picked up 2 cool feeders
one for feed & one for plants
close-up of the old hand made quilt
i will cut up into pillows
this pic looks good, but it is very rough
quilt top made of men's pj's (i believe)
the cool thing is the quilt i didn't bid on
that sold for over 50, is this same material
but i only paid 5 for this, it was in the
wrong place so the quilt buyers were not nearby
to run the price up guess i can practice quilting it this winter
patio soda bottles from pepsi
so cool & retro
etsy here they come

ohh yea, whilst i was bidding away on my goodies
look what papa was buying!
will those boys be happy or what?
give those corn fields heck guys!

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Erin said...

Beautiful photos! Love the one of the quilt on the line.