Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome to Our Coop

the ole coop builder himself
the coop is about 98% complete, better to see those
fall leaves and not snow.  after much love in labor by my honey, we are sooo close. since these pics were taken we have worked on the trim pieces that cover the spaces between the boards and now to get their roost built and get the horse trough set up for their nesting boxes.  they officially moved into their new digs on sunday evening.  it was so pretty that we almost stayed the night in their first, but our soft bed after working won out.
he built the walls with new 2x4's and then used
the old barn wood siding and old 2x's for the roof
and old tin to cover it ~ it is sturdy as an ox yet looks
like it has been here for decades ~ character
welcome to the berry good life farm chicken coop

old hardware we left on
working on some window trim
the backside
really did not make much of a dent on the ole barn wood pile

remember the old barn we tore down ~ it lives on
a lot of hard work ~~ but we absolutely love it
my husband is the sweetest
and i am the luckiest

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Flat Creek Farm said...

Jill, I love and adore your chicken coop!! How wonderful to use that old wood. Everything is absolutely perfect. One of my favorite parts? Your old chicken feeder! I just looked at your previous post on the auction, as well. Hmmmm... my (too) active mind is now plotting to stencil something 'old-looking' on my antique feeders ;) Thanks for sharing! Your husband is a good man and carpenter, for sure!! -Tammy