Monday, October 4, 2010

some weekend things

this weekend was wonderful
it was our anniversary
the weather was wonderfully cool & crisp
dad came over to help and hangout
we built a coop (almost)
the guys with the first wall
she thinks she smells a mole
our little country lane
whiskers on the old barn wood
honey working hard all weekend
Sunday's gorgeous sunset

 ~ my husband is a wonderful man ~
loving, gentle, loyal, funny, cute, strong,
hard working, a dreamer, a realist,
his family is his priority
i am his partner
his goal is fulfilling our dreams
~ he is the man of my dreams, the man i always dreamed was out there
the man who loves me just the way i am ~
i am the luckiest woman alive
happy wedding day & yes i will marry you
over & over & over again

1 comment:

Erin said...

Nice shots! I don't even like cats and that is a fantastic photo of kitty! - but rest assured I can appreciate the benefits of a few good barn cats LOL!